Refreshed Singapore Maritime R&D Roadmap To Chart Next Phase of Growth

Refreshed Singapore Maritime R&D Roadmap To Chart Next Phase of Growth

The Singapore Maritime Institute (SMI) has partnered with the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) to refresh the Maritime R&D Roadmap 2025, developed in 2013. Titled ‘Singapore R&D Roadmap 2030: Maritime Transformation’, the refreshed roadmap, which charts out the key thrusts for our research community to channel their R&D efforts, was announced and launched at the Singapore Maritime Technology Conference (SMTC) 2019 on 10 April 2019.

Since 2018, SMI has worked closely with MPA to refresh the Singapore Maritime R&D Roadmap 2025. The R&D Roadmap 2025 consolidated the R&D focus areas and technology needs of the maritime and offshore industries in Singapore. With rapid developments in the technological and maritime policy landscape since 2013, particularly the emergence of new and disruptive technologies, SMI and MPA sought to refresh the R&D Roadmap 2025.

Dr Lam Pin Min, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Transport & Ministry of Health announced the Roadmap at the Opening of SMTC 2019. The R&D Roadmap was later presented by SMI’s Chairman of the Board and Governing Council Mr Wong Wen Sun, as well as SMI’s Executive Director Dr Sanjay C. Kuttan, at the SMTC Research & Development Seminar.

The Roadmap has outlined five strategic thrusts to sharpen Singapore’s competitive edge, capitalise on new opportunities for greater value creation and capture, and safeguard our strategic interests. The five thrusts are:

• Thrust 1 – Efficient & Intelligent World Class Next Generation Port
• Thrust 2 – Strategic Sea Space & Maritime Traffic Management
• Thrust 3 – Smart Fleet Operations & Autonomous Vessels
• Thrust 4 – Effective Maritime Safety & Security
• Thrust 5 – Sustainable Maritime Environment & Energy

For each of the five strategic thrusts, specific external and internal drivers were detailed to contextualise the strategic challenges and opportunities. Desired maritime industry capabilities were also mapped under each Thrust against a delivery timeline from now till 2030. The key findings identified under the R&D Roadmap 2030 serve to better align Singapore’s maritime R&D strategies and directions, for better resource prioritisation and allocation.

The R&D Roadmap is available as an E-Book and can be downloaded at