The Inaugural Lloyd’s Register Foundation Lecture : Simple shapes and fancy flows: some complex hydrodynamic and dynamic features of floating platforms

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Floating platforms intended for offshore operations are often required to support substantial weights, therefore requiring large buoyancy. The resulting submerged volumes of these structures attract large environmental loads from waves and currents, the implications of which should be carefully understood. Associated design constraints include platform motions, structural strength, and locally enhanced sea surface elevations. The submerged geometry of many buoyant structures is relatively simple; but the flow mechanisms associated with the interactions of waves and currents with these structures can involve quite complex hydrodynamics.

The lecture will review progress in understanding some of these complex flows, with an emphasis on waveinduced phenomena. This will include (with some history and an explanation of the terminology): wave force cancellation effects; low frequency “drift” responses due to nonlinear wave forcing; “springing” and hydroelasticity; “ringing”; “near trapping” in arrays leading to large free surface responses, and motion induced “trapping”; “sloshing” in moonpools and in the gap between closely spaced vessels; “slamming” and impact. Wave loading effects on floating systems incorporating important structural non-linearities can also lead to very complex dynamic responses. Examples which will be discussed include the nonlinear dynamics potentially excited in certain moored and coupled systems; and in installation operations where impacts during mating can play a significant role. NUS are involved in studies in many of these areas, and some of the recent research will be described.

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Contact Person - Ms Norela Buang

Contact Number - 6516 4314

Organizer - Centre for Offshore Research & Engineering (CORE), NUS and The Lloyd's Register Foundation (LRF)


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16 Oct 2013 @ 07:00 PM

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