CORE Seminar: “Two examples of using offshore OWC devices for wave energy extraction”

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The Centre for Offshore Research and Engineering will be organizing a Seminar on Wednesday, 16 January 2013, 4.30 pm at the EA-02-11, Seminar Room, Faculty of Engineering, NUS. The topic for the lecture is “Two examples of using offshore OWC devices for wave energy extraction” by Dr Zhenhua Huang.

The ocean occupies more than two thirds of the earth’s surface, and the potential of marine renewable energy is tremendous. However, marine renewable energy is yet to be fully explored compared to the utilization of hydro, wind, and solar energy on land. Among various wave energy converters that have been proposed, oscillating-water-column (OWC) type converters are the most studied and best developed. Integration of OWC-type wave energy converters with other shore-protection structures can be a promising way to reduce the cost and make wave energy utilization more competitive. This talk will present two examples of integrating offshore OWC devices with coastal structures for wave energy extraction: (1) an offshore OWC supported by a pile structure and (2) a floating breakwater with OWC devices. The first example shows how a supporting structure can affect the conversion efficiency of an offshore OWC device, and the second example emphasizes the effects of the integrated OWC devices on the performance of the floating breakwater.

Admission is complimentary. Pre-registration is required. To confirm your attendance, please register HERE.

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Contact Person - Ms Norela Buang

Contact Number - +65 6516 4314

Organizer - CORE


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16 Jan 2013 @ 04:30 PM

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