CORE Seminar “CFD applications for challenging marine/offshore hydrodynamic problems”

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Model tests have been a principal tool in estimating environmental loading for marine/offshore structure design, however, cost, time and scale effect uncertainty are still the Achilles’ heels. More recently, with advances in computational technology, numerical simulation of physical phenomena has been gaining momentum. First-principle analyses based on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) methodology have been looming as an effective alternative as well as a compromise to model tests. As is well known, in the past, industry turns around the complexity in load analysis by resorting to simplified computational tools, for example, by substituting highly nonlinear turbulent waves problem with potential flow and linear or weakly nonlinear waves. However, technologically speaking, the long-term objective is to apply CFD techniques to, as realistically as possible, simulate such complex offshore and marine engineering problems. In this respect, there are still many challenges. In this presentation, existing potential flow method for simulating marine/offshore problems will be reviewed with a view to identify some of their weaknesses. The applications of CFD based analysis for challenging problems such as propeller/hull/energy-saving device interaction in seaway operation and offshore floater air-gap and impact load due to highly non-linear waves under hurricane condition will also be presented.


About the Speaker

Sing-Kwan Lee currently serves as Senior Managing Principal Engineer in SIRC (Singapore Innovation and Research Center), ABS. He joined ABS in 1999 and worked in Houston headquarter for 15 years. He was transferred to Singapore in 2013 and is currently responsible for CFD technology for marine/offshore applications in Singapore. Prior to his R&D work in ABS, he served as Post-doctoral fellow in the University of Hong Kong. He has more than 18 years in marine/offshore hydrodynamic research experiences with rich experiences in simulation technology for offshore and marine applications using Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD). His expertise lies in the areas of ship resistance & propulsion, propeller cavitation, propeller-induced hull vibration, underwater acoustic due to fluid-structure coupled vibration, wave loads and floating structure motion. He was also the ABS representative with IACS for developing the Polar Ice Machinery Rules (URI3). He has many first hand experiences in ice propeller analysis. He earned his Ph.D. degree in Ocean Engineering from Texas A&M University, USA. He is a full member of SNAME.

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