CORE Seminar “Automatic Ship Hull Form CAD Data Repairing and Domain Preparation”

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In the ship design process, Computer Aided Design (CAD) models can be regarded an important requirement for many downstream applications such as mesh generation, structural/fluid/thermal analysis, rapid prototyping, numerical controlled machining, casting and e.g. computer graphics. Each of these downstream applications is strongly dependent on the accuracy and consistency of the ship hull form geometry, but due to numerical problems, imprecise design, software idiosyncrasies, or data exchange issues, the surface representation produced at the CAD based definition phase may abut within unpredictable tolerances, resulting in gaps, cracks, holes, overlaps, T-connections, invalid topology, and inconsistent orientation which, for an example results in elusive automatic grid generation. The presentation will review the sources of data inconsistencies, the need for repairing with regards to the amount of time and cost invested in CAD data repairing and domain preparation. The lecture will provide a more detailed understanding of a tool developed at University of Rostock which automatically repairs CAD data inconsistencies in ship hull form definitions and preparing a computational domain for direct mesh generation and CFD processes. The shape analysis and repair algorithms, the data structure, the strategies used to automatically detect and repair commonly found geometrical and topological errors will be explained. Based on repaired ship hull form an automatic domain preparation strategy for mesh generators (HEXPRESS-numeca and snappyHexMesh) implemented in the develop tool will be presented with several real world examples. As conclusion, the significance of automatic CAD data repairing and domain preparation for ship hull forms with regards to the improvements in terms of time and cost associated with downstream applications will be presented.


Desta Milkessa Edessa
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Marine Technology Department, University of Rostock

The speaker has a successful scientific career studying in five universities in five different countries. He graduated in 2007 his BSc. Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Arba Minch University (Ethiopia). Because of his high ranking, he received a scholarship to join Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, from which he graduated his Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2010. He was awarded an Erasmus Mundus scholarship which allowed him to be admitted in EMship program. Finally, he awarded a double master degree: Joint Advanced Master in Naval Architecture (from Liege University) and Master of Sciences in Applied Mechanics, specialization in Hydrodynamics, Energetic and Propulsion (from Ecole Central De Nantes). Currently, he is a researcher at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Marine of the University of Rostock.

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29 Oct 2013 @ 05:15 PM

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