The SMI works with the stakeholders to identify and fund new strategic programmes & initiatives for:

  • Research & Development
  • Policy Research
  • Education & Training

Across the 3 maritime sub-clusters:

  • Maritime Services
  • Port
  • Shipping

Funding for technology R&D and policy research will be provided through competitive thematic grant calls

  • Support up to 100% of the approved direct costs
  • Qualifying Applicant: Public sector research performers*
  • Qualifying Project:
    • Beneficial to Singapore's maritime industry in terms of the expected R&D outcomes or development of human capital
    • Clear outcomes, milestones, budget, and measurable KPIs
    • R&D activities conducted in Singapore
    • PI and co-PI should be based in Singapore
    • Only projects not funded by other Government agencies will be considered

*These include MOE-funded Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL) and A*STAR Research Institutes (RI). Other public sector research performers will be considered on case-by-case basis.

Funding Framework

Process Diagram

Collaboration Models

SMI welcomes the following collaboration models between the industry and the academia within the public and private sectors: