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Programmes & Initiatives


The SMI Fund will be used to support programmes, projects and initiatives that are aligned with its goals and strategies for the maritime industry in the areas of R&D, education & training, and thought leadership.

Through SMI Fund, we aim to develop a pipeline of maritime and offshore researchers, scientists, engineers and thought leaders to catalyse the growth of the industry.

The SMI seeks to collaborate with various stakeholders to develop strategic programmes and initiatives that will develop and position the industry strongly for the future.

Maritime Institutes @ Institutes of Higher Learning (MI@IHL)

The formation of the Maritime Institutes @ Institutes of Higher Learning (MI@IHLs) will facilitate the various IHLs to drive and coordinate maritime research and education initiatives within their own institutions to serve the growth of the industry and to build capabilities within the IHLs.

Roles of MI@IHLs

  • Communicate and execute funding initiatives set out by the SMI
  • Drive maritime programmes, projects and initiatives within the IHLs
  • Engage the industry players to develop collaborative programmes/projects
  • Organise workshops, seminars, and other networking events

MI@IHLs - Research Thrusts

MI@IHLs - Contact Details

  • Prof Chow Yean Khow Executive Director

    Maritime Institute @ National University of Singapore (MI@NUS)
    Telephone: 6516 2161
  • Prof Lua Aik Chong Acting Executive Director

    Maritime Institute @ Nanyang Technological University (MI@NTU)
    Telephone: 6790 4818
  • Mr Lance Lim Executive Director

    Maritime Institute @ Singapore Polytechnic (MI@SP)
    Telephone: 6870 8290
  • Mr Subrata Chanda Executive Director

    Maritime Institute @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic (MI@NP)
    Telephone: 6460 6809


Under SMI's strategies in the area of R&D, SMI will direct R&D to develop new capabilities and support translational efforts including breakthrough research applications. The SMI fund supports technology R&D projects through the open thematic grant call mechanism. For SMI Grant application and related matters, kindly contact Ms. Serene Soh at

General Timeline for R&D Grant Call

  • Workshop / Industry Consultation
    About 2 months before Grant Call
  • Thematic Grant Call
    Grant Call opens for 1.5 months
  • Project Evaluation
    About 2 months after close of Grant Call
  • Project & Award Commencement
    Expected to commence in 4 months after Grant Call

Call for Proposals

Under SMI’s strategies in the area of R&D, SMI will direct R&D to develop new capabilities and support translational efforts including breakthrough research applications. The SMI fund supports technology R&D projects through the open thematic grant call mechanism.

Ongoing Programmes

  • Advanced Materials and Manufacturing (AMM) | Awarded on 01 Aug 2016
    Oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) has inevitably moved into harsher operating environment. While oil price has slum...
  • Joint Call for Proposals in Maritime Research between Norway and Singapore (MNS) | Awarded on 21 Mar 2016
    Maritime Research between Norway and Singapore (MNS)   The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (“MPA”) and ...
  • Maritime Sustainability (MSA) | Awarded on 04 Jan 2016
    Given its location at the crossroad between East and West trade, Singapore is one of the busiest ports in the world for commercial...
  • Asset Integrity & Risk Management (AIM) | Awarded on 02 Nov 2015
    In oil & gas E&P, safe and reliable operations are of paramount importance to the industry. Asset integrity should never b...
  • Simulation & Modelling (SAM) | Awarded on 17 Oct 2014
    In addition to being one of the busiest ports in the world, Singapore has also likewise thrived as one of the leading global marit...
  • Deepwater Technology (DWT) | Awarded on 07 Apr 2014
    As shallower oil wells become depleted, exploration and production (E&P) will move increasingly towards offshore and deeper wa...
  • Maritime Energy Systems (MES) | Awarded on 18 Jul 2013
    In the last few years, environmental issues in the maritime industry gained prominence with an increased awareness of the environm...

Completed Programmes

Maritime Energy Test Bed (METB)

Mission & Vision

Maritime Energy Test Bed (METB) provides a platform for research institutes and companies to test various green technologies that promote innovation solutions for maritime industry and translate these technologies from lab-scale to real life applications.

Mission & Vision

Maritime Energy Test Bed (METB)

Supported by Singapore Maritime Institute at NTU (MI@NTU) and Energy Research Institute at NTU (ERI@N).

Test Bed Facility

The Maritime Energy Test Bed is a facility for incubation of technologies prior to tests on board of ships and subsequent commercialization. METB consists of a 1.5MW marine diesel engine and advanced equipment suitable for R&D projects relating to energy and emissions. These projects include testing of alternative fuels and fuel additives, exhaust gas cleaning and emission monitoring, and waste heat recovery.

Availability & Location

The facility will be ready in 2015 and will be a significant test bed for scientists and researchers to translate their innovative technologies from lab-scale applications to large-scale applications.
The facility will be located at Nanyang Crescent, NTU.

R&D Scope

  • Alternative or Clean Fuels: Testing of alternative fuel and fuel additives
  • Clean Emission: Testing of exhaust gas cleaning processes & systems and monitoring system
  • Waste Heat Recovery: Optimisation of residual low grade waste heat to generate fresh water or electricity
  • Energy Storage: Using the excess electricity produced to charge the battery or to produce hydrogen (H2) through electrolysis as a means of energy storage
  • Noise Pollution: Testing of abatement technologies

Engine Specification

Engine Daihatsu 4 Stroke, Tier 1, 6 cylinders, 720rp
Alternator AC 450V,3-phase, 60Hz
Fuel Oil Diesel, HFO, and biodiesel
Exhaust Gas 10,300Nm3/hr, 380°C

Services to be provided

  1. Testing of system performance and system reliability under conditions similar to those of the actual applications in the maritime industry
  2. Evaluation of engineering related issues and approaches to overcome them
  3. Evaluation of safety related issues approaches to overcome
  4. Assessment of overall impact of the system to the environment
  5. Economic evaluation

Contact Us

More information on the test bed facility, location at NTU, research scope and usage procedures will be highlighted in at MI@NTU website; You can email us at if you have more queries on the facility.

SMI Awards

In recognition of the significant contribution and impact that top research excellence and talent would bring to the maritime industry in Singapore, the Singapore Maritime Institute (SMI) Awards seeks to acknowledge outstanding achievement and excellence in maritime and offshore research & technology for industry development and sustainability.

Announced in October 2015, the SMI Awards will be curated by a high-level SMI Award Committee comprising of government, industry and academic leaders. Top Projects from every bi-annual SMI Research Showcase will be eligible for nomination under each annual SMI Awards.

The bi-annual SMI Awards currently recognises four categories of research excellence and collaboration as follow:

  • Achievement in Research Excellence – Best Researcher
  • Achievement in Research Excellence – Best Research Project
  • Most Promising Research Talent
  • Honorary SMI Collaboration Award

In recognition of the significance of industry-academia research collaboration, SMI presents the “Honorary SMI Collaboration Award” to exemplary companies and/or non-public research performers in collaboration with the local research institutions.

The Inaugural SMI Awards 2016 was presented at SMI Forum 2016.

port Challenge

The Next Generation Container Port (NGCP) Challenge aims to raise awareness of the research and development needs and foster innovation within the maritime industry. The Challenge also seeks to encourage greater partnerships between industry and academia to invent new concepts and ideas for the maritime sector.

This competition will challenge international participants to think beyond existing conventions and submit radical new proposals to plan, design and operate a future container port.

Overview of challenge

Overview of NGCP Challenge Document

  • View the overview slides presented at the launch on the NGCP Challenge document HERE.
  • Register to participate and access the full NGCP Challenge document.


The competition will be judged by an international panel comprising representatives from the Singapore government and the maritime industry and academic institutions.


  • The Challenge will be open to all interested individuals, professionals, companies, tertiary institutions and research institutes of any nationality.
  • Eligibility will not be limited to those in the maritime sector to encourage cross-sharing and adoption of ideas from other domains.
  • Participation via consortiums or teams is preferred but not required.
  • Interested parties may now indicate their interest on this challenge webpage to receive updates.
  • Official registration begins 27 April 2012.


The winners of the competition will receive a US$1 million cash prize. Commendation prizes may also be awarded to deserving teams. Up to S$5 million in R&D grants will be considered for award to selected teams to pursue further research on their proposals.

Key Dates

  • October 2011

    Announcement of Next Generation Container Port Challenge

  • 27 April 2012

    Launch of detailed problem statement & competition document during Singapore Maritime Week 2012, which is from 22 – 27 April Open of registration for NGCP Challenge

  • 15 March 2013

    Announcement of shortlisted teams

  • 5 April 2013

    Judging of shortlisted teams by NGCP Challenge International Judging Panel

  • 31 July 2012

    Close of registration for NGCP Challenge

  • 31 December 2012

    Submission of proposals

  • 9 - 11 APRIL 2013

    Exhibition by shortlisted teams at Sea Asia 2013 Conference & Exhibition (Booth J16), Marina Bay Sands Singapore

  • 11 APRIL 2013

    Announcement of prize winners at the Singapore International Maritime Awards 2013, Shangri-la Hotel


The NGCP Challenge is jointly organised by:

  • MPA Singapore
  • Singapore Maritime Institute

Supported by:

  • Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)
  • EDB Singapore
  • JTC
  • Urban Redevelopment Authority


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